Inspired Product  Leadership


Helping Product Innovators level-up, own their brilliance, and effectively overcome stress, so they feel like rockstars driving strategic innovation - and have a personal life.



The Inspired Product Leader

A Group and 1:1 Experience designed for Product Managers who are ready to level up to leadership.

It enables you to fast-track from the tactical, ‘Get Things Done' Product Manager, to an Inspired Leader who innovates and has a seat at the strategy table…and a life outside of work.

This option is perfect for you if you are already in product management and are ready to level up to a more senior position such as Principal, Director, Group Product Manager, VP, or Head of Product.

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The Inspired Product Manager

A Group and 1:1 experience designed for product managers looking to quickly land their next role.

It enables you to step into your brilliance, land an amazing role where you will thrive, and build a career path that wakes you up in the morning.  

This is perfect for you if you are a business analyst, product owner, or product manager who is looking for the next amazing position.

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Success without Sacrifice in Tech

A 4-month group and 1:1 experience for leaders in tech and product who are ready to kick burnout to the curb, be present for their family and life, and lead like a rockstar.

It enables you to be the leader others want to follow, fast-track to Director, VP, C-Suite and perform with integrity, without having to sacrifice everything in the process. 



My clients have moved into amazing roles at 

Is This What You Want?

  • Powerfully step into leadership
  • Be valued and respected
  • Be the leader others want to follow
  • Increase your total comp 20%-100%.
  • Finally wake up at 7am to have coffee versus jumping on a zoom call
  • Get rid of imposter syndrome
  • Have a seat at the strategy table
  • Massively reduce stress and stop working those crazy hours
  • Have a boss who values your opinion and ideas
  • Be present for your family, friends, and yourself