Inspired Product   Leadership


Helping Product Innovators land their dream role, land a promotion to leadership, claim their seat at the strategy table, and effectively overcome stress, so they feel like rockstars driving strategic innovation - and have a personal life.



Lead with Inspiration

A Group and 1:1 Experience designed for Product Managers who are ready to land a PROMOTION to LEADERSHIP 

This program enables product managers to level up to Lead, Director, VP, or Group PM.

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Land Your Dream Role

A Group and 1:1 Experience designed for Product Managers who are ready to land their dream role.

This program enables product managers to land their dream position, with the authority, status, title, and pay to match.

This option is perfect for you if you are already in product management and are ready to land your dream position. For example, landing roles such as Product Manager, Senior Product Manager, and Principal Product Manager.

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Success without Sacrifice in Tech

A 4-month group and 1:1 experience for leaders in tech and product managers who are ready to kick burnout to the curb, be present for their family and life, and lead like a rockstar.

This is a program that is about being an amazing leader without burning out.

It enables you to be the leader others want to follow, fast-track to Director, VP, C-Suite and perform with integrity, without having to sacrifice everything in the process. 



My clients have moved into amazing roles at 

Is This What You Want?

  • Powerfully land a role where you can learn, grow, and level-up.
  • Feel valued and respected
  • Be the leader others want to follow
  • Increase your total comp 20%-50%.
  • Finally wake up at 7am to have coffee versus jumping on a zoom call
  • Get rid of imposter syndrome so you have the confidence to present to senior leadership.
  • Have a seat at the strategy table where you are brainstorming with your senior leaders.
  • Massively reduce stress and stop working those crazy hours so you can actually be present for your family versus thinking about the latest firedrill.
  • Have a boss who values your opinion and ideas
  • Be present for your family, friends, and yourself