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How does a breakthrough call help? 


This is a 1-on-1 call to unpack what is really going on in your product and tech career.

During this call, you’ll get to share about everything that’s brought you here — being stuck, toxic bosses, getting passed over for promotions, and all of the challenges that may have derailed you.

Then we’ll uncover the true answers to why your career hasn’t produced the results you’ve wanted.

This impactful conversation will be the best conversation YOU’VE had time in a long while!

A breakthrough call is NOT a sales trap that pressures you to buy. We don’t strong-arm our clients into working with us. That’s not our style. Besides, we can only accommodate a limited number of clients, and unfortunately, not everyone who wants to work with us CAN.

My mission is to help product managers and tech innovators accelerate their career, love what they do, and earn a seat at the leadership strategy table while kicking burnout and stress to the curb. 

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