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Building Resilience and Confidence as a Leader in Tech: A Journey of Growth and Learn
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Journey of a Senior Product Manager to Lead Product Management Coach: Lessons Learned
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A Principal Product Manager Shares His Experience in a Career Development Program
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Navigating Product Management: A Journey of Career Growth and Personal Development
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Transforming Lives and Careers: A Journey with a Product Management Coach
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From Senior Product Manager to Director: How Authenticity and Group Coaching Helped Transform My Career
Eight weeks into the IPL Program, 

I landed 2 Director positions

after being forced to resign. I can't believe this actually happened! I have moved from stressed and anxious to tears at the job. I landed a job in my DREAM organization as a PEOPLE LEADER. 
Rahul A. | Director Product Management

Today, I celebrate @Lynne Levy and the human she is as well as the community she built from the ground up.

I've been at varying levels of engagement, but this is truly a life-changing community and Lynne is the ultimate champion and rockstar. 
Jason V. | Senior Product Manager
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From Feeling Stuck to Leveling Up: A Product Manager's Journey
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Tailored for Success: How the Inspired Leadership Program Helped Me Land My Dream Job
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Transforming Career Frustration into Success: One Product Manager's Journey
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Investing in Yourself: How One Program Helped Me Discover My Authentic Self
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From Long Days to Director of Product: How One Fintech Professional Transformed Her Career
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From Disengaged to Empowered: A Success Story of Career Transformation

I started at Paramount this week! 

I can’t thank @Lynne Levy and this wonderful group enough for instilling the confidence in me to be myself. The guidance from Lynne helped me at every step of the long and tedious hiring process. 
I am excited to start this new journey after 8 years in my previous job.


Kim C. | Principal Product Manager

Today, I verbally accepted a PM job offer from my dream company.

The salary (base + bonus) is a 40% increase from my last job. I come from an Engineering background (10+ years in the industry) and this is going to be my 1st PM role. 
I couldn’t have been able to negotiate without Lynne’s coaching and guidance. 


Leona | Group Product Manager
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From Senior Product Manager to VP of Products: Andrew's Journey Through a Product Management Program
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From Rut to Confidence: A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth
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From Frustration to Fulfillment: How the Inspired Product Leader Program Helped Megan Navigate a Toxic Work Environment and Find Her Career Path
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From Technical Skills to Human Connections: A Journey of a Product Manager
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Success story of a Product Manager who found her passion through the Inspired Product Leader Program
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From Product Manager to Director: How Inspired Product Leader Program Helped Me Level Up

I landed the VP position!!!! 

@Lynne is so amazing in unlocking true potential. I've never been this confident in my whole career. 
All This! Beyond Product Management. Beyond Impactful. Simply Beyond!
Brix L. | Product Management
After completing Lynne's program, I finally found my next role. I landed an Associate Director position.

I remember @Lynne told me I should be a Director and making $250k+,

I told myself "this woman's crazy". I am happy to be proved wrong. 
Nisha B. | Product Management
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Transforming Imposter Syndrome into Confidence: A Product Manager's Success Story
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Success Story of a Product Manager: How the Inspired Product Leader Program Transformed Nain's Career
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Rediscovering Passion for Ed Tech: A Journey with the Inspired Leader Program
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Rediscovering Leadership Skills: A Journey to Personal and Professional Growth During COVID
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From Imposter Syndrome to Product Leader: A Journey of Self-Reflection and Growth
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Tailoring Success: How Inspired Product Leadership Program Helped Me Land My Dream Job
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