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Speaker: Lynne Levy

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Lead The Pack

I love the quote..."If you throw yourself to the wolves, return leading the pack." It's often ourselves who do the most harm to our hearts and spirits...

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Treat Your Career As A Product

For those of us in the world of product management, we love to iterate, talk to customers, build strategies, and think...

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Be the Leader Others Want to Follow

Let's talk about myths that cause product managers to lose steam, end up in the wrong job, get paid a terrible salary, or end up with a job title lower than what...

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Leadership Is Not About Titles

As part of my career journey, I have had so many people say to me...I want to be a VP or a CEO. It’s important to remember that leaders are not just the ones with formal...

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You Are Good At Your Job, But You Are Miserable

Finding a career that allows us to feel happy, satisfied, and gives us purpose is not easy. It is not something we were taught in school or corporate training...

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The Kind Product Leader

Does your organization see kindness as a weakness or an asset in leadership? Does your product team see leadership as a strength to building innovative teams? I once worked for a senior product...

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