Do you love what you are doing?

career leadership Sep 01, 2021

As a product management career and leadership coach, I’m used to hearing from strangers every week who wish for career and leadership growth support—product managers ready to lead and grow.

But lately, the inquiries I’m receiving now have a different sense of urgency. Now, they’re more about how people can finally make the significant career and leadership shifts they’ve long sensed they needed to. Product managers are pausing and saying, “do I love what I am doing?” 

It is not just about product management growth, but also about career fulfillment. 

Product managers have challenges such as:

  • I work in a toxic workplace 
  • I’m not aligned with the type of products and services my company offers 
  • I’m so tired of the way I’m treated and know it’s time for a change 
  • I am frustrated not being able to make decisions
  • I do not feel valued

 A crisis like today’s makes us wake up and realize that we need to love what we do and leverage our talents powerfully and purposefully. 

Let’s go through a few steps to help you start leveraging your brilliant skills with passion and purpose.

FIRST: Understand more clearly your unique talents and how and why they’re essential. Each of us has our own set of skills, talents, and abilities. Product Managers who are happiest in their work are using their talents towards something that is meaningful to them.

SECOND: Take this step this week: Take some time this week and make a list of every job you’ve ever had. 

Then clearly articulate: – What you loved about the job – What you disliked – The significant achievements – The hardest struggles – Your biggest takeaway. 

THIRD: Start sharing and demonstrating your value and become more of the product leader you want to be. Share your value, your innovations and ideas, your mental framework, and what you know. Speak up at meetings with leadership.  Start taking on the stance of a leader.  Ask strategic questions.  Use data as part of your conversations.

FOURTH: Embrace becoming the “best” version of yourself starting today. Rise above pettiness, defensiveness, micro-managing, and hyper-sensitivity and start embodying what it looks like to be an inspired product management leader.

The goal is to do what you love in the world of product management.

If you are DONE with being stuck in your career. If you are ready to become an inspired product leader, then you have two options.

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