It is our response to the challenge that matters

connection courage product management Sep 01, 2021

“Sometimes we choose our challenges. And, sometimes, challenges choose us.” Mark Pollock.

Challenges can be in all shapes and sizes.  They can impact us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  They can take the form of a bad boss, a toxic work environment, a health crisis, the struggle with a relationship, the death of someone close to you, or even just fighting the battle of getting through each day in one piece.

As my mom always told me, ‘you have the strength to handle whatever life throws at you.’

What we decide to do with each of these challenges is what counts.  Do we respond with grief?  Do we curl up into a ball? Or do we stand in our power and face the challenge with hope, courage, and vulnerability?

At the @Globoforce conference this week (#GFORCE20), we heard from Mark Pollock (@markpollock), a truly inspirational individual who has faced each of life’s challenges with inspiration and courage.

I want to share my key takeaway with you.

“As you are facing challenges, the key to getting through those challenges is a blend of acceptance and hope.”

First, you have to accept the challenge. You have to accept that you have a lousy boss, are in a stressful situation, or have a devastating health diagnosis, etc.  To get through the challenge, you must first accept the reality of the situation. As I like to say “It is what it is.”

Second, you must believe that there is hope in the future.  You must believe with your head, heart, and soul that things can be different and even better. But you must blend this hope with acceptance and understanding of your current reality.  

Hope without a reality check can cause disappointment and even depression.  Hope combined with acceptance gives us the courage to fight, the belief in the future, and the inspiration to keep going.

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