Myth: You need to apply to hundreds of jobs!

career leadership Oct 31, 2021

Let's talk about myths that cause product managers to lose steam, end up in the wrong job, get paid a terrible salary, or end up with a job title lower than what they deserve.

Let's dive into the myth of the only way to level up in the world of product is to apply to hundreds of jobs.

 Applying randomly for positions is a massive waste of time. It becomes a numbers game, and it takes a tremendous amount of effort to play this numbers game. The chances of landing a job by just applying through, say, a LinkedIn posting is 2%. Yes, just 2%.

I have my clients turn the equation around. What is that magic intersection of what you want, your skills, and where you want to go over the long term? Then we build your unique value proposition and focus on positioning you for those types of companies.


Let's take the example of my client Sumathi. She wanted to shift into automated cars and become a director. We took a focused marketing approach where she reached out to leadership at the organizations she wanted to work for. She had her story and value proposition clear and crisp. She knew she had to approach the conversation with executive presence.

Boom, a few weeks later, she had a Director position at one of these companies.

It's not just about landing a job. It's about leveling up and landing a job where you will wake up inspired every morning. You build your brand and targeting based on what you want and the types of companies you want to work from. 

And you will land a job using this very targeted approach. My clients land jobs across industries in levels such as Director, VP, and Principal product manager. I had one client tell me this morning….the process works “like magic.”


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