Product Grow...Reflect

career leadership Sep 01, 2021

Inspired Product Leadership for the Overwhelmed and Overworked

To become an amazing product. leader, you cannot just spend your time firefighting. You must engage in self-reflection to learn and grow.

To land an amazing job or get out of a toxic situation, you must first reflect.  Reflect to learn. Reflect to problem solve. Reflect to decide what do you want the next chapter of your journey to look like.

Here are some reflection questions to get you started.

  1. What do you already know? How might that apply to current challenges?
  2. What are you doing that makes you feel energized? What does that say about you?
  3. What makes you feel connected with people? What blocks connection?
  4. When do you feel most powerful? Anxious? Successful?
  5. What is your role – not title – on the team? In your organization?
  6. What’s confusing? Where do you need greater clarity, simplicity, or focus?
  7. What do your hobbies say about you? How does that inform your leadership journey?
  8. What frustrates you?
  9. What are you reluctant to try?
  10. How might you maximize your strengths?
  11. Who has helped you on your leadership journey? How are you different because of them?
Let's stay connected, shall we?
I promise you this is worth it! 
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