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courage leadership Sep 01, 2021

I CHALLENGE YOU to reclaim your career. DO NOT SETTLE. Own your passion. Be willing to step into the arena and start loving what you do.

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-What is your PURPOSE

-If you are going to be great you need a WHY

-A REASON for what you do

-My passion wakes me up

-My passion DRIVES me each and every day

-What wakes you up

-What drives you

-Is LIFE just a game?

-Are you giving it everything you’ve got

-You have to want to WORK

-You will never reclaim your career and love your job if you are not willing to put in the time

-You will not be successful unless you DEMAND it

-You need to claim it.

-This is MINE. This is IMPORTANT

-You need to WORK to get it.

-It requires MASSIVE action

-Otherwise, you will not have it

-Success is your DUTY

-Success is your OBLIGATION

-A person with PASSION always stands out

-You were put on this earth since you are MEANT TO do something great.

-I don’t care how much work it takes.

-You owe it to yourself.

-It’s hard


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