You are enough. The myth of perfectionism

courage Sep 01, 2021

When you try to be perfect, you enter a race you cannot win

You can’t even complete the race

There is no finishing line

The finishing line keeps moving

Here is the truth: the way you feel about everything is down to the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself

The good news is you can change this dialogue and these pictures anytime

You can change these words

Each word is a blueprint for your mind, body, spirit

Your brain will use everything it can to make these words real

Thoughts are things-what you think, speak and say without realizing your mind is working so hard to make that you’re reality. Even of those thoughts are negative

So many people say

I will be happy when I get the promotion

I will be happy when I get this project done

Happiness is always in the future

You should be saying…I wish this phase lasted even longer

You spend your life wishing it away, bit by bit

You waste your life wishing it away, bit by bit

Happiness is not a destination you arrive at. It is the journey

Happiness is the journey you are on now

Perfectionists come in all shapes and sizes.

They are hiding their inner drive to be perfect

There is one thing that drives perfectionists…it’s the belief that “i am not enough’  

If I am less than and I come across as perfect, I will be more than

When damaged people try to be perfect, it damages them even more

You don’t need to be perfect

You don’t need to be flawless

You don’t need to be infallible

You just need to be enough

And when you let the fact that you are enough, instead of trying to be perfect, which you can never achieve

When you let in being enough, it changes your life

So let it in, that you are enough

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