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courage gratitude product management Sep 01, 2021

To be a product leader, you have to be positive.  You cannot be Debbie Downer when you walk into meetings or have check-ins with critical stakeholders.  We know what Debbie Downer’s do to the mood of a planning meeting or strategy session. When they walk in, the mood instantly become

Even if a release is behind, the roadmap changes, or you are dealing with an angry salesperson, it is important that when you interact with your direct and indirect team, you are positive. This does not mean you pretend everything is okay. But it means you have the attitude of ‘let’s figure this out’. 

When you do this, innovative solutions will appear.  People will see you as an inspired product leader.  And you will earn that promotion you deserve.

People in positive work environments love to see awesome product leader coming. They love seeing you because they’ll go further with you than without you.

Ways to build positive product management environments:

  1. Don’t be a know it all. Leverage the skills of each person on the team.
  2. Trust your colleagues.
  3. Support your colleagues when they fail.
  4. Always give credit.
  5. Believe in others, they are on your team.
  6. Keep out of the way.
  7. Encourage, enable, and inspire.
  8. Protect from bureaucracy.
  9. Value them as individuals.
  10. Don’t talk on and on ….
  11. Make people feel listened to by asking more than stating.

Give others what you wish others would give you.

Product leadership includes being both positive, transparent, and realistic.  Learning how to lead effectively is critical to innovate and love what you do.

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