Leadership: Recognize Others

career innovation Sep 01, 2021

Almost every product management leader and individual contributor struggle with feeling valued and recognized at work. They cannot remember the last time one of their leaders recognized the work they were doing. Their one on one’s consist of going through project status versus recognizing any accomplishments. The product managers have had their confidence erode, they feel like there is nothing they can do to move up the ladder, and they are both demoralized and frustrated.

It does not need to be that way.

I challenge you to be the leader others want to follow. To be the leader who inspires and drives innovation. Even if you are a product manager without the formal leadership title, you can lead your teams with inspiration.

What makes a great product manager and product leader? There are many different attributes. One is the ability to RECOGNIZE and APPRECIATE those around you. Even though you may have a toxic leader, you can still create a sense of positivity with your colleagues and teams. When you start to recognize your colleagues and teams...

  • Each person’s confidence grows
  • A connection is created within the team
  • You will be seen as a leader who others want to follow
  • A sense of safety and trust is now present within your team meetings

And even if you work for an awful boss….work suddenly starts to get better. You begin to be seen as a leader within your teams.

When you start to recognize the people around you, they will see you as a leader, and trust and innovation will grow. Suddenly, the results of your work start to be noticed by senior leadership. You move from feeling like a victim to being able to CHOOSE what is next. 

Do you want to leave your organization? 

Are you ready to get promoted within your current organization, or do you want something new?  

As part of my Inspired Product Leader Programs, focus on giving you the right tools to level-up into leadership and love what you do. 

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