Product Managers….Does Success Equal Getting a Job at a TOP Tech Company?  

leadership Mar 22, 2022


There's a trend on LinkedIn that reveals a lot about career success... 

Photos of people who got jobs at famous tech companies. Look at your newsfeed and you’ll be flooded with them.


“OMG I’m so humbled to get a job at Google!”

“My mother is going to be so proud I got a job at Facebook.”


What is success for a product manager?


I want you to pause. What do you want in your career? What is success?  I want you to step back a moment, is success only about work?  Is it about loving your job? Is it also about learning and growing? Is it also about feeling valued?  What about your family?  How do they fit in?

A successful career requires two things:


1. Work with good people who support you

A good team or a great leader will do far more for you than a famous tech company. 


Often, it’s the people we work with that add enormous value to our careers. They’re the ones we remember and stay in touch with as we change from job to job over our lifetimes.


It’s the people we work with who inspire us to do amazing work as a product manager. Those are the ones who will pick us up when we make a massive mistake. They challenge us to go bigger and reach for that amazing leadership position.


Choose good people over logos.


2. Do work you love

My favorite saying is do what you love and love what you do. The work you do matters more than looking cool on LinkedIn.


You could get a job at a major Tech firm but what if you build products that you don’t care about….where will that lead you? Answer: burnout and stress.


Here is what it will look like.


You’ll show up to work empty and lifeless. Your care-factor in meetings will be zero. You’ll live for the weekends. Monday morning stand-ups will become your worst nightmare.


You get angry when you miss a soccer game for your kids since you need to be on a conference call with a client. You walk around resentful. It bleeds into your personal life.


Can you just leave? It’s harder than it looks. Everyone was so proud of you when you got that job. 


But I challenge my clients to understand what success is. I challenge them to put their definition of success on the table and build a plan to get there.


My goal is to help my product  management clients move into amazing leadership positions AND love what they do as a product manager/leader.


Here is the reality, when you love what you do, you will tap into your amazing creativity and work will become awesome.  I promise!


Career success is doing work you enjoy, with colleagues who lift you up and waking up inspired every morning.


Are you ready?


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