Find your voice as an introvert Sep 01, 2021

As I have navigated many years in the technology space one of my challenges has been that I am an introvert and I did not realize it for many years.  What did Lynne, the introvert look like?

  • I spent lots of time reflecting and strategizing, by myself, in my head
  • After a day of presenting...
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It is time to play BIG Sep 01, 2021

We need to learn to play big and stop hiding.

What are you keeping from the world that you want to share so desperately and so fully?

What is keeping you from being the inspired leader you were meant to be?

What is keeping you from stepping into your greatness?

What are the negative stories...

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It is our response to the challenge that matters Sep 01, 2021

“Sometimes we choose our challenges. And, sometimes, challenges choose us.” Mark Pollock.

Challenges can be in all shapes and sizes.  They can impact us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  They can take the form of a bad boss, a toxic work environment, a health...

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Stop Apologizing Sep 01, 2021

I am a women

I am a mom and wife

I work in the world of HR technology

I love to write and blog

I fought cancer

And I say “I am sorry” way too much at work.

I say it all the time.  I noticed it this week when I disagreed with something a leader said.  I started out...

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